The Insect Technology Group (ITG) is one of the first truly global pioneers of insect-based nutrient recycling technology.

On these pages, ITG will collect, in an open-source manner, legislation that impacts industrial scale insect rearing. We will cover topics such as factory design, feedstock rules, animal welfare, processing rules, product quality requirements, market access requirements, and other aspects of ento-farming. Our aim is to not only identify relevant pieces of legislation, but to provide an analysis of why they matter, and to look for remedies for existing gaps or barriers. We strive to work with the authorities to make legislation evolve in the right direction: a clear legislative framework that allows for a broad bioconversion of waste streams, with absolute respect for public health and animal welfare. In line with ITG’s global mission, these pages will not be limited to a country or region but will cover an ever-growing list of territories. We are aware that this is a huge task and consider this as perpetual “work in progress”.

The philosophy of this work is open source, and we invite everybody to contribute: our industry colleagues, the academic world, and of course the legislators/regulators/authorities themselves.

Together, we can bring clarity to the legal side of insect farming. Clarity will bring investments and production. And production brings impact, towards a more sustainable world.

European Union


Risk profile related to production and consumption of insects as food and feed

8 October 2015 (PDF)

South Africa

ACT 36

Regulations relating to Farm Feeds