Sustainable feed firm is a TIME Genius

London, 5 October 2018

AGRIPROTEIN has been named by TIME magazine as a Top 50 Genius Company in a new league table of businesses it believes are inventing the future.

The fly farmer and waste-to-nutrient pioneer, which uses fly larvae to turn food waste into animal feed, features in TIME’s first ever annual list of Genius Companies launched this week, alongside tech giants such as Amazon, Apple and Airbnb.

The magazine describes the businesses nominated by its global network of editors and correspondents as companies built around creative solutions to problems capable of changing the world, who are driving progress now and who bear watching for what they do next.

Jason Drew, AgriProtein co-founder and CEO, said: “We’re flattered, but in fact we’re not really doing anything new, as Mother Nature has been recycling nutrients for millennia. All we’re doing is harvesting that bounty to produce a much-needed sustainable protein for animal diets.”

The company, which won acclaim as the BBC Food Chain Global Champion 2017, is building a global business through its circular economy strategy: up-cycling organic waste to tackle the food security and waste disposal challenges posed by the world’s burgeoning population, while helping conserve wild-fish stocks in our threatened oceans.

AgriProtein uses black soldier flies and their larvae to convert organic food waste into a high-protein alternative to fishmeal suitable for fish, poultry, pigs and pet food.

Said Jason Drew: “There is simply not enough marine material left in the oceans to meet fishmeal demand in aquafeed, let alone in feed for poultry, pigs and pets. Along with algae and bacteria, new, disruptive sources of protein like our own are needed to close the feed gap and, in the process, help repair the future of the planet.”

In June AgriProtein raised USD 105 million in funding, the largest investment to date in the insect protein sector, and has fly farm projects under development across the world to produce its flagship product MagMeal™.