Robert Swan

Insect Protein in Historic Polar Expedition

AgriProtein’s MagOil helps Robert Swan to new polar first

5-Miles from the South Geographic Pole, 9 February 2018

AMONG the essentials for his gruelling 600-mile walk to the South Pole, polar adventurer Robert Swan packed a 100ml bottle of MagOil, a high-energy oil derived from the black soldier fly larvae.

Swan’s mission, with his son Barney and their team, was to walk to the South Pole using only renewable energy, demonstrating its viability in one of the most challenging environments on the planet.

Intended as a feed supplement for animals, MagOil was apparently most welcome at -35°C!

At a stop just five miles from the Pole, Robert Swan said in a video report: “I use MagOil to survive out here. It’s a great product and a great idea to create a protein source (and oil) out of waste.”.

The beneficial up-cycling of food waste as a feedstock for larvae is key to AgriProtein’s fly-farm technology, a factor which has helped it enter the Global Cleantech Top 100 for the second year running in 2018.

AgriProtein CEO Jason Drew said: “We’re delighted MagOil made it on to the expedition and we hope Robert Swan’s bold example will inspire its intended consumers, the producers of – farmed fish and chickens – to raise their sustainability game.”.

The Shell-sponsored South Pole Energy Challenge, which set off in mid-November 2017 and reached the Pole ahead of its end-January target, has chalked up another first in polar exploration history. In the 1980s, Robert Swan became the first explorer to walk to both Poles.

Now MagOil has scored its own record – the first known insect-derived product to be part of an incredible journey to the South Pole.