Fly Armada To Save The Seas

Perth, 7 December 2016

WASTE-TO-PROTEIN recycler AgriProtein Technologies has granted its Australian partner Twynam Group licences to build and operate 20 fly-factories across Australasia.

The fly-factories will produce industrial volumes of an insect-based feed (MagMeal™) for use in farming and aquaculture as an alternative to fish-meal, relieving the pressure on dwindling wild fish stocks in the Indian and Pacific oceans and contributing to food security in the region.

Flies are reared on existing locally-sourced organic waste, which helps cities reduce the amount of waste to landfill. When operational, the 20 factories together will be able to recycle 1.8 million tonnes of waste per year across the region.

Said AgriProtein MD David Drew: “Today marks another step in the fight to replace fish-meal in aquaculture and animal feeds – the start of a global roll-out of the only tried and tested, commercially-viable alternative.”

Said Johnny Kahlbetzer, CEO of the Twynam Group: “As a world leader in sustainable agriculture and energy production, Twynam is always seeking new ways to make a difference.  Working with AgriProtein is helping to resolve two sustainability issues, waste management and depleting fishery resources. We’re looking forward to pioneering this new sustainable sector with them.”

AgriProtein will announce the agreement at today’s (Wednesday 7 December) award presentation of the Australian government-backed Blue Economy Challenge 2016.

The company has won an AUD 450,000 award for its industrially-scalable solution to the depletion of fish stocks in the Indian Ocean.

David Drew continued: “The government launched the Blue Economy Challenge as a project to re-engineer aquaculture. So we’re investing our award in building the scale needed to do that, chiefly in research, market-making and product development. Huge thanks to the good people of Australia for this vote of confidence, which will help us fulfil our mission to find a better way to feed the world.”

Fly larvae are a natural source of protein for fish and other animals. MagMeal™ is a high-protein feed made from the dried, milled and de-fatted larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). Unlike houseflies, black soldier flies avoid human habitations and are not considered a pest.

Using an armada of 8.5 billion flies, a standard AgriProtein factory takes in 250 tonnes of organic matter per day and produces nearly 5,000 tonnes of MagMeal™ and 2,000 tonnes of MagOil™ per year to replace the use of fishmeal.

The licences cover the set-up and operation of fly factories – including the technology required to separate organic from non-organic waste used to feed the flies and their larvae.