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– Focus of our group of companies –

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AgriProtein™ uses the Insect Technology Group’s core black soldier fly technology to define the leading-edge of food waste upcycling. Its factories convert food waste into sustainable proteins, oils and soils for feed and other applications.

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Circular Organics™ applies cutting edge insect technology on EU approved agricultural by-products. These organic streams are processed into protein, oil, chitin and soil products using fly larvae. Circular Organics products are used for feed, pet food, and other agricultural applications.

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Multicycle Technologies™ sustainably and safely upcycles higher-risk organics including toilet resources, animal manure and abattoir waste into products for industrial and agricultural applications.

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– Group solutions –

Research & Development

Our Research and Development division delivers world class outcomes for the Insect Technology Group…

Technical Development & Innovation

For the last decade, our teams have been working with several species of insects…

Factory Deployment

Our group Project Management Offices in Singapore and India are the primary support and project deployment offices for our operations worldwide…

Swarm OS

ITG’s software development team are engineering a fully integrated industrial operating system…

Business Development

ITG’s business development team is spearheading our global expansion, ensuring we achieve our mission and deliver our strategic priorities…

Product Sales & Marketing

Our Product Sales and Marketing division provides a centralised production, marketing, and sales function for all ITG subsidiaries…

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sustainsable feed manufacturer Agriprotein